Tensing Yarns

Lifting without surgery using tension threads

The technique of permanent lifting by suspension wires, also called notched wires

or thread tensioners, is always non-surgical and reversible.

Face lift with tensor threads

Lift without scar

The happy Lift - Soft facelift

The cheeks are starting to sag, but a minilift or facelift is not on the cards yet. However, the patient can no longer bear this tired look. In this case, the facelift with SUBCUTANEOUS FILS may represent a solution.

The SERDEV subcutaneous thread lift is very effective (long-lasting) for:

* The
eyebrow lift

APTOS wires are effective (to a lesser extent) for:

Lifting the tissues around the cheekbones
Firming of the neck and jaw contours

The advantages of the Soft Lift are:

* Immediately visible enhancer effect
* No incision, only small holes
* Virtually no scar
* Is possible under local anesthesia
* No recovery time, no room rest or hospital stay
* Virtually no pain after the treatment
* Little risk of complications
* Fast healing of the wound
* Favorable effect on the formation of new collagen tissues

Lifting with subcutaneous threads

SMAS face lift
Correction of lower eyelids
Eyebrow lift with subcutaneous curls

Lifting by curls: the treatment

The threads dissolve on their own

1. The surgeon makes a few small holes of about 0.5 cm in the skin.
2. The long special antibiotic threads are embedded under the skin.
3. They are tied in loops to enhance sagging fabrics.
4. The buckles are securely attached to a fixed anchor point.
5. The threads dissolve very slowly. They disappear on their own after a few months, after completing their work: new tissue has taken shape, thus freezing the lifted flesh.

* This original technique of suture by thread can also be designated by other names, such as Aptos lift, Aptos Soft Fast Lift, Feather lift, Extended Suture Lift, Sulamanidze lift, Serdev lift, Isse-draden lift, soft lift and Happy lift .

A global method

The ideal method for raising eyebrows
The Soft dradenlift (or feather facelift) is very suitable for raising sagging eyebrows. It is often combined with other rejuvenating facial treatments.
During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will give you advice and recommendations on the existing possibilities