The prices of cosmetic surgery in Turkey are two times lower than in Europe. This is explained by:

  • A cheaper standard of living in Turkey
  • A favorable exchange rate
  • Government promotes cosmetic surgery sector in Turkey with tax breaks

A cosmetic surgery operation in a cosmetic clinic in Turkey, combined with a week of convalescence in a 5-star hotel, costs you much less than an operation in Europe, and this for the same or even higher quality of service.

In addition, cosmetic surgeons in Turkey are state graduates of medical doctors, registered with the national council of the medical association.

Faced with the increase in medical tourism, Turkey has put the resources into expert training in plastic surgery. For several years now, both public and private hospitals have invested heavily in cutting-edge technological equipment in order to compete with Western countries. Doctors are getting better and better trained. Regularly sent to Europe or America to specialize, they follow the learning of several foreign languages to attract international customers.

The above prices are indicative and are likely to vary depending on the complexity of the treatment or its duration. To obtain a final price, please send us a request for quotation . For prices in our clinics in France and Belgium, please contact us.