Corrects droopy eyelid problems that give your face an aged and tired appearance. Treatment

Inferior blepharoplasty

Treatment of bags without scars.

Lower pockets often give a tired look. This involves removing the 3 internal, middle, and external fat pockets through a transconjunctival approach, inside the eyelid and therefore scarless. Associated sagging skin can be treated at the same time, with a scar flush with the eyelashes.

Superior blepharoplasty

It is the most common rejuvenation operation. Corrects heavy, drooping appearance of upper eyelids. It involves removing excess skin and fat and therefore opening the eyes. The scar is placed in the groove between the mobile eyelid and the fixed eyelid. The scar will be almost invisible.

The intervention

It is brief, on an outpatient basis. Edema and bruising persist for approximately 10 days. A 7-day social eviction is expected. The result is evaluated after 3 months. You can combine the treatment of wrinkles with botulinum toxin or the filling of dark circles with hyaluronic acid.