The art of cosmetic

Cosmetic surgery has the power to restore, improve and correct. In the right hands, it can change your perspective and attitude as well.

Make the most of the years to come thanks to our highly qualified surgeons trained at the cutting edge of the latest surgical technologies.

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A cosmetic surgery operation in a cosmetic clinic in Turkey, combined with a week of convalescence in a 5-star hotel, costs you much less than an operation in Europe, and this for the same or even higher quality of service.

Feel good about your body, feel good about yourself ...

Want to put an end to physical complexes for good?

Never trivial, the act of cosmetic surgery is always considered at Academic Chirurgie in a spirit of embellishment, rejuvenation and tailor-made personal development.

Each case is unique so that the result is too.


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Medical tourism: Istanbul, the right implant

Thanks to attractive services, hair transplants bring in more than one billion euros to the Turkish economy. It’s not the bats, it’s Istanbul’s bat tourists. You inevitably come across them in the vicinity of the many hotels and restaurants in the small streets adjacent to Taksim Square. A band of white gauze around the head
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How Turkey became the flagship destination for hair tourism

The hair transplant business is growing around the world. Turkey has established itself as one of the must-see destinations for this hair surgery. Tourists come from all over the world to perform hair interventions in private clinics. There are several reasons for this. Turkey, a tourist destination, but not only Turkey is renowned for being
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Turkey is on track to become a world leader in health tourism

Tired of waiting for a long time before being treated or operated in their own country, foreigners, especially Europeans, prefer Turkish medical institutions because of their fast and quality procedure. Turkey is ranked fourth on the global health tourism list in terms of number of patients served and third in terms of revenue generated. “Some